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Book Review | Victims For Sale by Nish Amarnath | Spoiler Free

Before anything else, I LOVE THE COVER!

Now, for the actual review, this very illustrative story of the settings of London and every one of the intricate details of the crown’s domain emerges grandly. Its something that starts as a lamentable family unit issue then spirals into something greater, leaving passings, auto collisions and potential breaking news uncovered. While there is a lot of interest and dramatization worked in, the book tends to practical issues more.

This book will keep you snared from the very starting point.This is quick paced and unputdownable. very much examined and nitty gritty! The story is portrayed exceptionally well. Sandy Raman is an extremely solid female hero who does whatever she can in the event that she discover anything incorrectly. She never bargains with her sense of pride. Though I can’t ignore that at some points the descriptions of the various crimes seemed shallow but maybe it’s just my lust for Agatha Christie that I can’t expect anyone else with such perfection, but the atmosphere and thrill that I expected from this book got me a lot more than that.

And as a writer myself, what attracts me the most is the effort put out in this story for its development. It took Nish long and worthy 12 years to create this masterpiece.


About the Author

Nischinta “Nish” Amarnath is a columnist and the writer of three books: The Voyage to Excellence: The Ascent of 21 Women Leaders of India Inc., Citi and its Scuffle with the Watchdogs and Victims For Sale. Her novel, Victims For Sale was released worldwide by HarperCollins in January 2018. Nish who had a close demise involvement at the age of 10, injects her fiction work with components of enchantment and mystery in common and starkly genuine settings.

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