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Love a Little Stronger by Preeti Shenoy | Book Review

This book was my second read from Preeti Shenoy after “Life is What You Make it” and I had various expectations from this book and thanks to the author’s well-paced writing style and this package of a unique plot I got a read which I somehow enjoyed even more than the previous one.

So, coming to the plot directly, the author has shared various emotions in her writing letting us feel the vibes she was trying to present. And the incidents in this book are coming from the author’s personal experience and adding to them she gives us insightful anecdotes following all of them.

And keeping the insides of the plot in mind, they can be pretty relatable for a lot of people. Even though I felt that this was a little away from her regular genre, the author has managed to create this aiming positive and also motivational book.

Plus, since this book is also short and light along with everything else this surely can make a good weekend read for people of all ages, more the people who are elder than my age, this book will be a fun read of the elders too and if you don’t want to fail to recommend it and sharing with people of all ages, you can get yourself a copy of it right here.




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