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The Secret of the Sculptures by Monika Thakur | Book Review

This book follows the story of Maitreyi and Aditi two friends who get caught up in a mystery whose unpredictable turns leaves not only them but even the readers stunned.

Being a lover of thrillers and mysteries, I found Monika Thakur’s book a great example of how experiments can go around these genres to get the readers even after so many books another interesting and hooking tale.

The book features it features Delhi amid the late spring crush with Maitreyi home from foreign and Aditi filling in at a historical centre under her teachers. The story proceeds onward with chance experiences. The secret begins revealing when both the young ladies go to the gallery for a gathering of a recently discovered symbol, with a hypnotizing story of a princess. And afterwards, inevitably it gets lost with the young ladies being at an unlucky spot.

Not giving away the plot, I would say that the readers get to encounter two male characters to support our protagonists along with the surprising supernatural elements. The way the author narrates the story with a good phase during almost the complete book you’ll find yourself following the story closely.

After describing all of that about the plot, I can also admit that the book’s title and the cover were also up to the point leaving no other alternatives for them. And the blurb of the book didn’t give away any of the important spoilers too. Plus, I was somewhat worried about the appearance of extra characters that the story might go on to following the notions of girls getting saved but thankfully, all that turned out to be fine and free from such assumptions.

So, this is the book for everyone whose’s looking for a unique type of mystery with the perfect blend of  Indian context. Get your copy here! I got mine as a part of the review program at the Outset.



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