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Walk a Mile by Joey Paul | Book Review

There are different interpretations of our future in different forms of media and for me, some books have portrayed the most compelling versions and this book was one of them.

Having heard about the author and her books a lot, I had a lot of expectations from this one and I got into reading it I saw them finally being met. As the title goes, we literally get a chance to walk in someone else’s shoes in this fictional world of 2050.

And as I went on reading the book which was opened by a strong character of an officer following which this book slowly turns into an interesting thriller which of course moves around the Walk a Mile technology. We get actually three murders that are somehow linked together and how it becomes the situation of a serious threat with the various discoveries coming up.

The characters are lovable and interesting at the same time and this left me to wonder about the rest of the books that I would like to read from this author. Talking too much about the plot can give away some serious fun so I’ll resist myself.

And just let you know that this book is the perfect one for people looking for a book they have never read before and would surely find interesting. Get your copy today!



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