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My Mute Girlfriend | Book Review

Even though romance is a genre I choose to avoid normally this book felt like it would be giving us something new to dwell upon and I certainly am not disappointed.

The book has the story placed in the days when love and romance wasn’t roaming around smartphones and social media, when the central landline in the home was a risky path you will have to take to talk to your loved ones.

We get the chance to take after the tale of Rohan and his love, Vaidehi. He lives in Meerut in view of his activity, and misses his love from the college. She used to  there for him in every situation, and love was unmistakably noticeable in her eyes. Be that as it may, at that point she all of a sudden quit communicating with Rohan.

The purpose for this change in this disposition is uncovered 5 years after the fact leaving everyone stunned. As the story proceeds onward, we get the opportunity to see different sides of our lives and the parts that individuals around us play in the stories.

More or less the story is a new take on love stories making it a good tale for a light read though you will find yourself getting distracted due to not so good narration of the story with many missing elements replaced by some unwanted details. And even though the cover seems simply out of a Bollywood  movie cliche, the story is somewhat contrasting from the same.

I would recommend it to anyone who loves to read light romance book.



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