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Forever Disguised by Annie Woods | Book Review

After reading First Came Forever, the wait for this second book in the series has been a huge desiring one and certainly, this one too came with some great fresh content from the author which left me wanting yet more.

Since page one, the author has managed to land me on a route of feelings ranging from thrill to happiness and this surprisingly is missing from this genre nowadays, but anyhow, Annie Woods has sincerely maintained.

The plot is somewhat contrasting from the main book. I am not going to give spoilers of the plot in light of the fact that a large number of you might not have read the first book of the arrangement, so I figure it’ll be okay to state that it takes off directly after the occasions of the main book.

Also, thinking back to the times where the first book finished, this book is darker and more sensational than it. Even in the early parts of the book, I was flipping the pages to perceive what might happen.

I truly praise the writer for composing such practical characters. Subsequent to reading the hero is observed growing up with the turns of episodes in the story influencing the readers to interface with her all the more profoundly. I adored perusing about the various characters we got the chance to meet in the primary book. They all attend a College and it is intriguing to peruse how they all make progressions and wind up growing up amid the story.

The written work style is the same as in First Came Forever. I adore that the author displays the story in light-paced thus numerous hard decisions for the characters to make. The bigger time traverses likewise and influences the character improvement to feel more normal since you know about the time that has past. I would encourage you to read First Came Forever first since you would prefer not to miss this story. Also, be warned that the story abandons you at a point where you are sitting tight for the arrival of the next book frantically.



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