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The Conquest of the East: Royal Crown Returns | Book Review

The first book in the series, Indus Challenge, got a lot of popularity. Is the sequel living up to it? Let’s find out.

The story begins with the introduction of Surya in 1000 A.D.He was destined to guardians marked as swindlers by the kingdom. Blessed with uncommon capacities, he before long turns out to be an advantage for the Cholas. The story hovers around Rajendra Chola, the successor of Raja Chola, and his administrator, Surya, who notwithstanding not being brought into the world with a silver spoon in the mouth has every incredible nature of an individual.

The story pursues the quest for the warrior and the epic fights battled for the renowned Jewels. Surya, focal hero seemed to be a patient, and committed warrior who esteems faithfulness over anything. His insight, vital arranging and strategic aptitudes spared numerous lives amid emergency. A peruser would locate an uncommon mix of good looks, magnificent characteristics and stunning mastery identified with naval force in Surya.

The exploration angle has been supported and secured altogether. Dialect is basic and straightforward. Portrayal is simple and has a smooth stream to it. Author discusses authentic fiction with data relating to Kings, kingdoms and numerous different undertakings.

Are you a fan of Historical Fiction? Get your copy right now.



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