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In Between by Mark Cindell | Book Review

Knights, Kings and Grand Wars. I haven’t read a book around revolving around all of that in a while now. And this book made me glad that I’m ending my year’s reading list with it in it.

“In Between” is the journey of Aden who has given his life to battle aside England as one head knight amid the Edwardian war. Among his people, Aden is the most horrendous warrior in the combat zone and works to secure a profound secret as covered up as could be expected. But then comes a point when the mystery is uncovered and he’s left with no other option than to make an arrangement with an outsider to spare his family. His spirit is sentenced to forever remain the pioneer of a war obscure to humankind.

And this is just a glimpse of how interesting the story gets. There is action waiting for you at every turn. Plus, the thing I personally liked was how much we can see the development in the main protagonist as the story goes on. Matched with the good narration, the book is able to build a connection that even many first-person narrated books fail to do.

I’ll be honest when I say that I expected the hooking thrill throughout the book. And even though the concept of the story wasn’t what I’m used to reading, the book surely kept me hooked.

The cover and the excerpt of the book was very smartly built as well since that got me into wishing to read it since the first time. You’ll also find yourself smiling in comfort at the times when the knight’s family gathering is displayed. Those moments are smartly built. Plus, the detailed description of the scenes was small enough to not bore you and large enough to make an image. For some, this book will end too soon. I somehow focused on how the ending leaves some space for a sequel to this enjoyable tale.

If you are a fan of Knighthood, Warrior stories, or fiction in general, then this might be the last or the first book of the year. Get your copy right now here.



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