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The Passenger by Liza Lutz | Book Review

Thriller is a genre I love coming back to. And even when I expect nothing new out from it, there stands another great mystery to dwell upon. The Passenger, my last read of 2018 turned out to be one of the good ones.

It is hard to describe the plot of the book without giving away the essence of it. So, summing most of it up without any spoilers, we get to follow a woman on run around the United States while acquiring new identities after some time to keep herself safe.

Her husband is dead. And she’s on the run. But why exactly is she running away and did she kill him, these are the questions that are excitingly penned in this book. With every new name she acquires, we see our protagonist develop and grow as an individual which is something I always look for in book characters.

However, I would have loved knowing more about the backgrounds of the people she meets on her journey. And getting to know what happened after she left those places even if that was in news headlines, it must have been a thrilling addition. The ease with which the identities are acquired and the roads, location details; all of these things reflect great research behind the story which I always admire as a writer and a reader.

The twists around the story even with so many new locations and characters are all worth it, thanks to the fast and interesting narration. The way the protagonist talks to the reader since the very first page of the book, it keeps you deeply hooked into the book. Also, that surely will be the reason that I’ll look forward to more books from Liza. Plus, I don’t know about the US police system any well, but the one in this book seemed pretty ineffective or we can say, our criminals were expressed very smart. In any case, the book was enjoyable but at times, it might feel like a movie lacking some important details, thus getting little unrealistic.

I’ll be honest when I say I felt that this book won’t match everyone’s taste but since I was looking for something fresh and fast-paced in the genre, I actually liked it. This, for sure, will be a recommendation to everyone looking for a fresh type of thriller.



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