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The Inhabitants of the Uninhabited Island | Book Review

The perfect way to describe this book is to say it’s a starter for the series. As the author assured me with a list of upcoming books in this series, this is the one that sets it all. And thinking of the number of series I’ve read, this one is a sure one of the first books in any series.

We get to not only meet various characters, but we also come to find bits about their lives and actions, establishing a connection that I would like to see unfold. The well-paced narration and smartly described environments made sure that the plot and characters stay interesting during the read.

Coming to the plot itself, I was unsure of what to expect from the cover with the face of a tribal man. But as it turns out, our protagonist Maggie is a serious programmer who’s the daughter of a businessman and sister of a famous lawyer. We get to follow her and her friend Sandy with a dream to program a game called ‘The Inhabitants of the Uninhabited Island’. And then, the story starts to fall into place with us discovering the lifestyle of the tribe (from the cover & dream) and their powers.

With a mixture of science-fiction, programming, tribal life and fantasy, this book turns out to be a fresh one in the pile of stories I’ve been coming across nowadays. So, I didn’t want this to end as soon as it ended and with that cliffhanger that will hook you on the series, I’m eager to see how the plot goes on.

If you are eager to find a story that relates to technology but isn’t anything like what you can imagine, you may get your copy right here.



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