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Sita Returns by Charu Walikhanna| Book Review

So, it has been a while since I finished reading this book but it wasn’t until now that I finally got around to describe it as perfectly as I could. In short, the book expresses the Sita’s view if she returns to today’s world.

Digging deeper though might leave you wondering and I expected that. Before I discuss the actual emotions it brings out, I would like to mention how wonderful the plot feels with smart poetry and Ramayana references which are done with proper research and in a way, that is interesting to even the not-so-fans of mythology (like myself).

This was a story where we follow the lady who is worshipped all over India but has to witness, on her return, an India which is anything but made for ladies. The struggles of women aren’t any surprises but sadly, they are the ones we stay ignorant towards, most of the time. We may think that the world has evolved to make it a better one for women but that isn’t the case in every segment of life. And this book does a brilliant job to express that.

The great career of the author herself polishes the book to a whole new level of significance in the modern world. The book’s cover is perfect for the theme of earth’s daughter. The plot flows in a way that will keep you hooked and also will give you time to reflect upon the content. Another great thing the author did is putting points to dig deeper after the end of every chapter so that the facts are clearly free from any fiction.

I would recommend it to a number of activist friends who would love to read it but I want everyone to get their hands on it. Not only because it’s true but also because it’s important. You may get a copy here.



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