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The Field by Tracy Richardson | Book Review

The sci-fi genre is something that keeps surprising me with unexpected plots and I guess, that’s the best thing about it. This book was no exception to that fact.

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Mukhpreet Khurana: An Interview

As a part of Bookpreneur’s Unlocked Silences: Digital Book Tour, I got a part to interview the author & poet behind Unlocked Silences. I had read this book a few months ago and it was quite something. Now, with that in my mind, I had to get some answers and dig deeper into his works. So, here’s what I found:

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The Inhabitants of the Uninhabited Island | Book Review

The perfect way to describe this book is to say it’s a starter for the series. As the author assured me with a list of upcoming books in this series, this is the one that sets it all. And thinking of the number of series I’ve read, this one is a sure one of the first books in any series.

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