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Rewind & Play | Book Review

The thing that interested me in this book was the factor that till date I never had a chance to enjoy the hostel life and I thought that it would be really interesting to read about it. And with ups and down, this light read is a really great weekend read.

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Life’s Amazing Secrets by Gaur Gopal Das | Book Review

Non-fiction and self-help books are something that I read every now and then but after sometimes it gets hard to ensure that you are going to find out something new in the genre. Let’s find out what was the case with this one.

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Batman: The Killing Joke (Novel) | Book Review

First of all, I’m a big fan of superheroes and Batman is one of the most interesting & deep characters that I’ve ever come across. And in the DC vs Marvel, DC has always been better at some points in the Comics and Anime. The plot of this book was converted from one of DC’s most famous Batman comic of the same name.

But does it lives up to the legend of the celebrated title? Well, maybe.

The story is exactly like a narration of the comic book that one can imagine while reading any of the two. The details were smartly mentioned but I’m pretty sure they won’t be that clear to any reader who isn’t familiar with the Batman and his legends. This expresses how the book is dedicatedly made for the fans but may miss out on the new people at certain points.

The iconic scenes and characters are described mystically and also, the narration is done in a very good pace while maintaining a sense of thrill and mystery that keeps the readers closely hooked to the plot. Action scenes are among the few things that I really wanted to stick to the comic line; fortunately, like most of the book, it certainly does. Though some won’t like it, I wouldn’t mind having some new storylines being born while novelisation of any comic. The whole idea and concept behind the creation of this book is really a unique one and I would love to see more comics turn into novels to reach a wider range of Audience.

Deathnote and Flashpoint are among the ones I really would enjoy reading. Coming back to The Killing Joke, I really love the cover of the book as it certainly attracts you towards it and any fan can spot it giving an actual salute to the legendary comics. Also, this book was one of the three that came out together, all relating to Batman. Obviously, I would love to have a book that every reader can enjoy and feel, the one with a full explanation of the story behind Batman. I’m sorry if I don’t know about one such book that exists (let me know).

So, if you are a Batman fan, a superhero fan or anyone who loves comics, you should stick to the graphic novels because you already know this story, at least. Also, if you aren’t into comic books, this book is surely for you as it’ll help you enjoy one of the many storylines that you are missing.

You can get a copy here.

(Also, NO. Anime or Movies don’t have full comic-book storyline. The one most closely created was Deathnote anime and still it missed the ending in it. So, get the Novel or the comic itself. They are more significant. Always.)

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Fortuna and the Scapegrace: A Dark Comedy South Seas Adventure | Book Review

I recently read the first book in the series, The Epic of Didier Rain and was waiting to get my hands on the second edition in the series but had to delay it due to my exams but finally, I have finished reading it and it was totally worth the wait.

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