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Love and Marriage in Mumbai by Elizabeth Flock | Book Review

Just thinking about Mumbai pops us numerous images in my mind of nostalgic Bollywood songs, heavy rain along with couples enjoying the enormous beautiful views.

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Love a Little Stronger by Preeti Shenoy | Book Review

This book was my second read from Preeti Shenoy after “Life is What You Make it” and I had various expectations from this book and thanks to the author’s well-paced writing style and this package of a unique plot I got a read which I somehow enjoyed even more than the previous one.

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Daniel Daniels and the World’s Worst Zoo | Book Review | Blog Tour

The book we read defines us was the thought I grew up listening and reading and picking up children’s book to read and review takes me back to my days of childhood where I always have wanted to read more books. And this one book I’m talking about is just one of those I would have wanted to read in my own childhood.

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Dream Big | Book Review

The desire or actually, a dream that crosses everyone’s mind at some point in their lives irrespective of their nationality or their bank balances, is how that can manage and increase their money. And this book is one detailed analysis of just that.

Being a successful financial advisor and investor himself, the author Dr Jindal along with Arunraj VS, an entrepreneur, takes all the readers on an educational journey with this book sharing the risks with the best techniques for the ignored but regularly heard topics such as mutual funds.

The book welcomes the readers with the lessons of why and how can this book can be the base of their financial lives by telling us how it’s actual life-changing event when people choose to save money for their future. And in doing so, the author has made sure to use the most relevant of the quotes along with the professional elaborative examples. When I opened this book, I wasn’t ready to learn about the world and ideas I’ve never ever heard before but as I kept on reading the book came out as not just a normal read but an analysis, something from which you would love to take a lot of notes from and actually start using them right away.

Through the story of a driver, the author makes sure to get the readers inspired and pumped to think about themselves and their money. The books give us not only the basics of why and what you should do to save money but also connects each of the aspect covering even the challenges that we may face due to economic changes along with the time. The lessons, as I will call them, are backed with precise examples and illustrations of all kinds to not only help us understand better but also to make us going on.

And being honest, the process of investment and money making or managing is no laughing gig and involves some complex and risky methods that we might have to learn and about the same thing we may also get a lot of false opinions and we may also miss some hidden important bits of details. But with this book, we get almost all of them covered with detailed efforts, from working and risks to even the false alarms about such topics are raised in this book and that too without throwing any of your motivation to learn away.

Money related training is a lost idea in our nation where just individuals who either are from that stream or are enthusiastic about it sought after and are enriched with. The unnerving quality of unsafe and hazardous, particularly cash is a marvel that completes a ton to ward off potential financial specialists. This is the reason, Dr Jindal trusts that if an individual is given the correct apparatuses and procedures then he can without much of a stretch apply them to work savvy and get more extravagant. The straightforward objective of the book is to enable individuals to understand that it isn’t generally the harder, tenous street to expanding your riches and it should be possible the more astute, simpler path through clear budgetary speculation.

What I loved the most was how in every chapter the author is backing up the information he shares with the perfect amount of real-life googlable examples and facts. The book but not only records what has already happened in the financial world and the changes it has already seen but also tries to prepare the readers for the changes that may follow by breaking some myths and notions that we need to let go. You will get to know the types of not only funds, investments, their sub-types but even the types of investors and which one is going to suit you too.

With so many aspects going on in the book about the types, history and details about mutual funds and related investments, one may think that it is just about them, but it actually is a lot more.

Yes, it is about investment and planning of our money but it involves all the other opportunities and plans that we might otherwise ignore in it too like did you know that people think of insurance as investments and that they shouldn’t. The book holds a lot of things that you are going to need in the present and even the furthest of your future. The author, just like it is on the beautiful cover itself, has tried to cover almost every aspect of your life which can involve money and which will need financial planning, from your children’s studies to your satisfying final days, and beyond. And as the name goes, the book helps you dream as big as you want to with money being the last of an obstacle.

There is so much in it this book which no single post can ever cover but surely this is one of those books which deserve a fixed place in every house’s shelf to be read again and again. Not at all like alternate books on economy, the book utilizes a vernacular dialect as opposed to packing the brains of the perusers with inconceivable specialized terms. The book is a manual for our assets, costs and funds; how one can be a superior speculator and organizer to gain and make their money-related development impactful. Before perusing the book, I was not familiar well with any of the terms, for example, value, heritage arranging, and shared assets. In any case, now the book has guided me well and I can guarantee myself for making any interest sooner rather than later.

So, do you want a good financial life which will still be profitable even with the changing times? This is the book you need.