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The Red Rover: Origins | Book Review

Science Fiction is one of my most popular genre and is also that genre, which I think, is never going to run out of ideas. Not anytime soon. This book reassured me that all over again.

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The Anarchists’ Club | Book Review

Just the look and feel of this book got me hooked to it way before I even dove into the plot. That’s something that I want every book to do. Also, since it came from my favorite genre, which most of you know is thriller, I had a lot (a lot!) of expectations from it. Let me tell you if it took care of them or not.

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Beast by Krishna Udayasankar | Book Review

The Cover! This book’s cover was the first thing that got me interested in it. The mixture of red and black with blood style font and that play of shadow; I had to read it. Yes, I know judging a book by its cover isn’t the best idea but it will not the first time that I’ve trusted my guts and they have turned out to be just about right.

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Two Sisters | The Gardener by Rabindranath Tagore | Book Review(s)

I love reading books and poetry from the pen of Rabindranath Tagore and instead of going after a single plotline or concept I’ve always read them in a collection. That’s why I’ll reviewing them together even though they are individual long ones. Plus, just like every other Tagore’s work, I was still able to find my reflection in-between the lines.

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